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Be a good cookie, bake a good cookie.

As many of you know, on Monday of this week Prince Liam The Brave lost his valiant battle against cancer. The answer to finding a cre for pediatric cancer could be in a simple cookie. And through their organization Cookies … Continue reading

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Prince Liam The Brave

He wasn’t even 7. Prince Liam. And yet, over the past 3 years, he’s had more impact on me that any other human being. Liam taught me about the resilience of the human spirit, and about what’s really important in … Continue reading

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Good Shabbes old school style

Growing up, we were a pretty sprouts and lentils kind of family, but my dad came from a traditional Jewish South African home, and one of my greatest memories was Friday night suppers at “Ma”. The food, traditionally Jewish and … Continue reading

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Adult dinner.

This week was a challenge because Darian was out of town, so the impetus to cook was a little diminished, shall we say. I did, however, create some delectable dishes that I’d like to share. The first, a Monday night … Continue reading

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Get to the grain.

I used to think that Quinoa was a weird food for out-there hippie people. I also used to think that it was spelled Kinwah. Which I still think makes more sense. But I must admit that I’m starting to like … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy

How easy is the croc pot? Continue reading

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Potatoes, that is. Bought a whole box-o-sweetpotatoes at HELL COSTCO on Sunday and although last night’s beef dinner didn’t turn out how I wanted, the Sweet potatoes certainly did. What I loved about this dish, was that I was SUPER … Continue reading

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